First entry in the Commonplace Book

                  An old fashioned scrap book

                  An old fashioned scrap book

A Commonplace Book is a place to put word stuff.  (A scrap book is different.  But this is a great old scrap book.)  My grandmother used to keep all sorts of notes and thoughts and memos and cute little ditties in varies books and diaries.  My plan is to keep this more focused.

I thought it might be interesting to define some of the steps in creating my latest novel.  But who knows what is interesting these days.  "I am sitting on the patio!"  People take lots of pictures of the food they are eating.  Imagine if you had to buy film to take pictures like that.  Then you'd have to pay to get it developed and then pay to get it printed and then find a way to turn it into an electronic image.  What a world!

I am writing this on January 20, 2017, the day Donald J. Trump is being inaugurated as President of a country where lots of people don't know who won the Civil War or who the first President was.

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