The Plumber and the War

My great Uncle Cedric (Cedric Marshall Fox) was a very interesting chap.  He served in the first World War, wrote poetry and music and plays, and might have been a lawyer (although he never practiced law).  This is one of his poems:

The pipes of the palace got leaky

Cedric Marshall Fox

Cedric Marshall Fox

And the king for a plumber sent

The plumber was smart and cheeky,

And with ominous smile he went.


For a year he kept plumbing, that plumber,

And perhaps he is plumbing still,

But you never saw a man dumber

Than the king when he saw his bill.


That king was in deadly strife

With another king near by.

At a dreadful cost of life

And drain on his treasury.


But he forthwith stop that war

T’was the best thing he could do;

For couldn’t raise money for

The war and the plumber too!

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