Just got back from a conference in Las Vegas.  I wasn't going to say anything about it, but I couldn't resist.  Seventy-three thousand people signed up as attendees for the trade show.  It's amazing that many people are interested in HVAC equipment.  But that's okay.  I've got no problem with that.  It's Vegas itself that rots my socks.

Everything your parents told you was bad seems to be okay there.  And despite that, people don't seem to be happy.  They sit at those electronic bandits smoking and pushing the buttons and shoving in money for hours, faces sour, brains sweating.

Vegas is in a very lovely, natural spot.  The snow on the distant mountains sparkles in the dawn light.  People fly there from all over the world to dump their dollars and continue their fun.  There are some amazing shows and amazing food.  The casinos are designed to get you lost.  You can't walk a straight line from the hotel entrance to the elevator.  With no windows and no daylight, it is difficult to know where you are.

It reminds me of our present government.