Some words are practical, some fanciful, and some are full of awe!


Imagine what we could do if . . .!

All photography provided by Paul H. Raymer


Thank you for visiting.  There are a lot of things to look for on the web!  It's a rabbit hole that you can get sucked into.  You can find just about anything - including people like me.  It's strange the way life seems to twist us around in circles and then brings us back to where we started - diapers to diapers and dust to dust.  Frankly I'm very glad to be back in the world of words.  It's time to get started!

Recalculating Truth is out there!  Printed copies are in bookstores and the electronic version is available for all formats.  Frankly with everything that has been going on from water boarding & torture to the machinations of supreme court justices, this book has never been more pertinent.

"The brutality of water boarding compels Gus Sainte to create a machine to accurately extract the truth from human tells not realizing that the truth can kill."

Summery Judgement the next novel has been drafted!  5/25/17