Residential Ventilation Handbook 2nd Edition

Residential Ventilation Handbook 2nd Edition

Published by: Salty-Air Publishing, 2017


A comprehensive guide to residential ventilation systems

Ventilation is a critical component for building durability and occupant health. Residential Ventilation Handbook gives you the information you need to select and install the appropriate ventilation system for any home. This practical resource covers the latest codes and standards, including the International Mechanical Code (IMC), International Residential Code (IRC), and ASHRAE-62-2 ("Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings") requirements, as well as green building guidelines. Ideal as an on-the-job reference and troubleshooting manual, this is an essential guide for novices and experienced contractors alike.

Update: October, 2017

Updated version of the 2009 original!  Lots of new code stuff.  Since mechanical ventilation is required by code, installed performance is more critical than ever.  There is new testing equipment and house set up to make sure that testing is done equally.   And, perhaps most exciting, Rick Karg wrote the Foreward.

Critical acclaim:

"Paul has a great knack for making technical reading enjoyable and easy to understand."  Anthony Cox - Community Housing Partners

"If you want to understand ventilation without being a scientist, this book is a must-have."  Paul Francisco - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne (ASHRAE 62.2 Committee Chair)

"Shakespeare . . . might be wrong here, might have been someone else . . . contemplates the need for air exchange in the soliloquy 'to vent or not to vent, that is the question' but did not address the more fundamental issue of how . . . Raymer does . . .."  Joe Lstiburek - Building Science Corporation


There is a world of useful references for residential ventilation.   Click here for a few of them.


Recalculating Truth

Published in 2014 by Salty Air Publishing


A novel about finding the truth among the lies

Can the truth be found through physical torture or are there more humane, technological approaches?  Returning from the heat and sweat of Guantanamo, Gus Sainte pulls together a team of scientists to create a device that will read and combine human body tells - in their voice, in their expressions, in their non-verbal communications, and in their statements - to reveal the truth.  As his system, his company, and his life develop, he doesn't always find what he expects particularly in the person of a beautiful former exchange student from Kuwait who mysteriously returns to his life. 


During the development of this story, I came across a variety of interesting resources about truth and lies.

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Residential QCI Handbook

Published July, 2015

A Guide to the BPI/NREL Job Task Analysis

The BPI/NREL QCI exam is tough to pass, but every house worked on by a DOE grant supported weatherization agency needs to be inspected by a quality control inspector.  This book goes through all the elements and Domains in the QCI Job Task Analysis and includes sections on taking multiple choice tests and accurately performing ventilation system testing.  It's a great resource.