Getting Started

Recalculating Truth is the fourth novel that I have finished.  The previous stories reside in boxes and file drawers since they were created on a typewriter and required actual paper and ink.  Despite these valiant efforts, I am still learning.  The publishing world has changed dramatically over the years and Recalculating Truth will be the first to hit the electronic publishing world.  And it has been a serious learning curve to move from writing the book, passing it on to an agent, and waiting for it to be picked up by a publisher and exposed to the wide world to finishing the book and personally ushering it into the wide world of readers - where anyone can read it and anyone can offer feedback and comments.

The mechanics of the process is pretty daunting.  There are dozens of companies out there eager to take your money and crunch your words into electronic fodder and that has resulted in a lot of not so great books.  And there are a myriad of ancillary services from editing to cover design to formatting to distributing who are also eager to take your money.  There are templates and advice givers and newsletters and web site creators.  And there seem to be authors who have created more books than would require a lifetime!  How can they possibly write so fast?

So, anyway, I think Recalculating Truth is as ready as I'm going to make it to meet the wide world of readers.  It will be an adventure.