Finding a particular grain of sand

NY Dawn Skyline

All those lives!  All those people, thoughts, ideas, loves, hatreds . . . stories and readers.  When you write a book you are all by yourself, staring at the page or computer screen.  It's a one on one experience.  And it could end there.  But when someone else reads the book and if you have done your job well, the characters and the tale come alive in another mind.  And maybe that person will tell another person that the book is worth reading and it will come alive in another mind as well.

When Gutenberg printed his bible, there was only one book, one title on the market.  Then there were other presses and other books.  Now there are millions of presses and millions of books and millions of people who write, almost as many as there are grains of sand on a beach.  How can a writer get a reader to pause, bend over, and select a single grain of sand from all those others?

You have to take a deep breath, believe in your writing, and believe in your friends.  It's the old pyramid plan - two friends tell two of their friends tell two of their friends . . ..  And there is the vast social network where that plan can touch thousands of people in an instant.

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