The Gentle Art of Electronic Waterboarding

"tucking a pocket of the towel into his mouth like something for a baby to suck on"

It is only fiction but it is uncomfortably close to reality


Long time Cape Cod resident, Paul H. Raymer, recently published his novel, Recalculating Truth, a story based on electronically processing human tells to reveal the truth without torture.   For the past thirty-five years, Mr. Raymer has started numerous companies and developed a wide array of products.  He has woven those experiences into this story of starting a business, developing a unique product, and the challenges and mysteries of truth and lies.  The story winds its way from Guantanamo to Cape Cod and gradually peals away layers of lies from the simple to the deadly.

With the release of the report on "enhanced interrogation techniques", its impact on international relations, future interrogations of Americans in captivity, this novel is very timely.  Technology is moving so rapidly that in the year that it took to put this book together imagination and reality have moved frighteningly closer together.   Facial recognition is used to detect terrorists at airports.  The FBI and police departments use voice stress and statement analysis.  And body language is used by television shows to uncover true love.  All of these technologies are combined to provide a much more accurate interpretation of the truth in this novel, proving that truth and lies can be used as a very effective weapon.

Can actionable truth be extracted with torture?  Or is it just another layer of lies?  Recalculating!