Reading at A Book In The Hand

ABITH image.jpg

There are a lot of writers on Cape Cod on the coast of Massachusetts.  A lot of them are quite good and some of them are quite famous and have made a pretty good living.  I mentioned to a builder friend that I had published a novel and he told me about a client who builds a new addition to his home every time he publishes another book!  "Publish another book," he told me, "and let me know!"  The question is how to let people know.

To that end, I am presenting my novel, Recalculating Truth at the monthly meeting of an organization known as "A Book In The Hand" or ABITH on Monday night, January 12, 2015 at 7PM.  The gathering will be at the Jacob Sears Memorial Library at 23 Center Street in East Dennis, MA 02660 (508-385-8151).  There's parking across the street.  There is a drawing for copies of the books of the presenting authors.

I will be reading a bit of Recalculating Truth and explaining how it came to be.  Writers are interesting people.  The transfer of non-existent people created in one mind to other minds is quite fascinating.  People talk about them as though they really exist, and I guess if I've done my job, the characters are as real as any other person you've never met but have only heard about. 

Leslie Meier will also be there.  She's written a bucket load of mysteries.  It should be a fun evening.  I hope you'll join us